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Electronics List

Total views
RF based Wireless Remote Control181,330
Infrared (IR) sensor92,093
Wireless motor control through RF88,496
Display System used in Restaurant75,270
Darkness Detector Alarm71,668
Automatic night lamp70,835
Piezo sensor as output60,117
Traffic light signal48,319
USB Mobile Charger Circuit Diagram44,830
DTMF Decoder41,503
Water level controller cum indicator circuit diagram41,460
Light sensor using photodiode40,037
Remote Control For Home Appliances39,328
Working of light dependent resistor36,930
Relay activation using TSOP 173835,692
Touch switch33,533
Remote Controlled Toy Car32,962
Audio amplifier32,954
Fire alarm32,204
Intruder alarm / Burglar alarm based Home Security System30,304
Single switch motor on/off.. Clockwise/anticlockwise27,890
Music (Data) transfer by IR by amplification25,996
Color distinguished using LDR/Color sensor using LDR25,012
Darkness detector24,672
Liquid level Alarm24,618
Water Sensor Circuit24,257
Shadow Alarm using LDR23,374
Variable power supply22,382
Wireless Switch Circuit Diagram22,185
Generating time delay with 555 IC21,695
H-bridge using transistor21,658
Water Tank Overflow Alarm20,862
Automatic light/dark indicator20,652
9-Way Clap Switch Circuit Diagram19,780
RF based Intruder Alarm19,409
Power failure alarm18,711
BCD to 7 Segment display Circuit18,430
Night Lamp using 55518,355
Magic Eye Circuit Using 4049 IC18,137
RF based Fire Alarm (Overheat Alarm)17,761
555 Timer As Amplifier17,605
Automatic Wash Basin Tap Controller17,516
Dancing LED's17,502
Water level indicator with display17,450
2 in 1 Doorbell16,911
Bathroom Light Off Timer16,881
Long range IR16,456
Remote Control for Devices using Cell Phone16,370
Music (Data) transfer by IR16,278
Light detector16,087
Voltage Doubler Circuit Using IC55516,056
2-1 Quiz Buzzer16,020
Electronic Letter Box15,912
555 Timer IC Tester15,722
Understanding Decade Counter CD401714,565
Battery Level Indicator14,429
Simple AC to DC converter using bridge rectifier14,358
Timer Circuit using IC CD 406013,749
Piezo sensor as input13,589
Automatic Fan Speed Regulator13,296
Soil Moisture Detector13,287
Transistor Tester Circuit Diagram13,229
Light dependent frequency variation using LDR13,193
Electronic Dice Circuit13,106
Fixed voltage power supply13,033
Transistor as audio amplifier13,013
Opamp as comparator12,791
Seismic sensor12,716
Low pass filter12,521
Touch Switch Circuit using 555 Timer12,399
Electronic Code Lock Circuit12,250
Two Way Intercom12,221
Inverting amplifier using 74112,094
Relay control by sound11,822
Line Following Robot11,797
Magic Eye using 555 Timer IC11,456
Electronic Circuit: Digital Stopwatch11,417
Full range centigrade temperature sensor11,273
Automatic Washroom Light Controller11,262
Bi Color LED11,148
Sound Operated Switch11,110
Day and Night Indicator using IC 55511,084
Led Flasher Circuit10,976
Overheat/Overcooling circuit breaker10,880
Cell Phone Based Multiple Device Controller10,860
LDR Based Automatic Lamp10,847
Understanding JK flip flop using CD402710,844
Electronic Door Bell10,663
Transistor based Security Alarm10,601
Electronic Timer Circuit10,533
Water Level Indicator with Display10,525
Sound Operated LED10,504
Electronic Mosquito Repellent Circuit10,496
Vehicle Indicator Circuit10,287
Active high trigger for 555 in monostable mode10,230
Astable mode by NAND gate10,214
High Pass Filter Circuit10,157
IC 555 Based Message Display Circuit10,050
Interfacing 4026 with 7 segment display9,933
Simple RPM Counter using IC 5559,890
Relay operation using Darlington Pair9,755
Smart DC fan9,737
Security Alarm for Doors, Almirah, cupboards using Opam9,541
Relay control through mic9,287
Luggage Security Alarm9,282
Random Number Generator Using 7 Segment Display9,231
Exhaust Fan Circuit Diagram9,133
Sound Generation using 5559,124
Differential amplifier9,066
Humidity Detector Circuit8,964
4 Player Quiz Buzzer8,789
Understanding NOR Gate (CD4001)8,727
Hearing Aid8,659
Voltage boost by using a resistor with 78XX8,633
NAND gate monostable8,441
Electronic alarm for cash box, lockers8,438
Refrigerator Door Alarm8,395
Obstacle Avoiding Robot8,351
90 Second Timer8,225
Classroom Mic8,223
Clock with LED pendulum with tick tock sound8,190
Timer Based Code Lock8,136
Security System8,075
Parked Vehicle Indicator8,019
Vehicle Indicator8,012
Electronic Code Locking System7,990
Periodically Turning On & Off Mosquito Repellent Circuit Diagram7,979
LED Based Stop Watch7,769
IR to RF Converter7,698
Reminder Alarm7,477
Negative supply using 555 IC7,354
CD4049 Based LED torch7,316
Toggle flip flop using CD40137,314
NE 555 Timer based Automatic Headlight7,291
LED Lamp Using CA3140 IC7,284
IC555 based Multicolor LED Lamp Circuit Diagram7,236
Variable power supply and charger with emergency light7,232
NOT gate monostable7,212
8 Player Quiz Buzzer7,209
Conversion of NAND gate to Basic gates7,195
Tone generator Circuit Diagram7,057
Curtain Opener Circuit6,987
UM3561 IC Based Security Alarm6,942
Coin Toss/Flip Simulator Circuit6,905
Car Reverse Horn6,890
Suitcase Security Alarm6,752
DIY – Homemade Melody Door Bell6,711
Electronic Lock using Switches6,697
Variable Power Supply From Fixed Voltage Regulator6,695
Number Guessing Game6,679
Voltage Doubler Circuit Using IC 40496,642
Simple Stepper Motor Driver using 555 Timer IC6,632
Window and Door Guard with Light Sensor6,553
Multi Color Lighting6,541
Safety Alarm Circuit6,473
Timer Circuit using IC 40266,448
Secure room access system6,446
Transistor Based Secret Bell6,420
Non inverting amplifier6,415
Audio Amplifier using Opam6,411
CD 4027 Based Emergency Lighting System6,364
Fading LEDs6,262
PC Temperature Controller6,223
Night Lamp with Timer for Stairs6,162
Porch Light (Auto Turn Off Light) Circuit Diagram6,054
Polarity cum Continuity Tester6,052
Toggle switch using CD40175,943
Reaction Timer Game5,925
CD 4013 Based Two Way Switch5,903
Flip Flop based Staircase Switch5,839
Multitone Generator Circuit5,768
Inverting amplifier5,767
CD 4060IC based Message Display Circuit5,759
Crossing Light Indicator5,756
CD 4013 based Sound Sensing Module5,751
LED Based Pendulum Circuit5,667
Multi Sound Buzzer5,656
Remote Tester Circuit5,607
Sound Scanner Circuit5,580
Intruder Alarm5,561
Sound generation in audio range5,524
CD 4060 Based Security Alarm5,397
Coin Toss Circuit on 7 Segment Display5,346
Electronic Thermometer for Beverage Temperature Measurement5,264
Automatic Power OFF timer for CD player5,204
FSK Modulators using IC 5555,049
"Hit the Target" Game4,973
Notepad Lamp4,917
Multi-Utility Flashing Light4,603
NOR Gate as SR Flip Flop4,474
NAND Gate as SR Flip Flop4,386
Conversion of NOR gate to Basic gates4,380
Multipurpose Timer With Musical Alarm4,347
2-Digit Object Counter4,267
CD4001 IC based Lighting System4,233
Electronic Number Game4,227
Pre Set Off Timer4,225
Spell Effect Sign Display Circuit4,188
DIY: LASER Based Pulse Transmitter and Receiver4,163
ASK Modulator using 555 Timer IC4,087
Inverting amplifier with signal feedback4,056
Simple 2 Digit Auto-Manual Counter3,997
Amplifier for Musical ICs3,887
Auto and Manual Pulse Generator3,571
Direction Pointer3,525
Circuit Diagram to Automatically Hibernate your PC3,376
Logic State Indicator3,287
DIY : Short Range Optical Pulse Transmitter and Receiver3,205
Zero Cross Detector (ZCD) Circuit3,185
Waveform Generator using LM7413,098
DIY: Make Remote Operated Light Fountain3,082


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