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델파이 | Lamwino: Lazarus Arduino Module Wizard: Version 0.1

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Lamwino: Lazarus Arduino Module Wizard: Version 0.1

"A wizard to create Arduino loadable module (.hex) using Lazarus/Free Pascal"

Key Features:
	1.Builder for FPC avr/arduino cross compiler

	2.New Project option:  "Arduino [avr] Module"

	3.Install ".hex" module in Arduino device

	Jose Marques Pessoa

Acknowledgements [all teachings!]: 
		ref. http://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php/topic,30960.msg201921.html#msg201921

Version 0.1 revision 03 - 24 Fev - 2016

NEW! Added string support to Serial
NEW! LamwinoDemo4 [String Serial demo] //<---- Please, use some "Serial Monitor" app to send and receive info...		

Version 0.1 revision 02 - 22 Feb - 2016

NEW! Added support to Serial [COM]

NEW! LamwinoDemo3 [Serial demo] //<---- Please, use some "Serial Monitor" app to send and receive info...

WARNING! Please, configure NEW "Path do code Templates"
	IDE menu "Tools" --> [Lamwino] Arduino Module Wizard --> Settings

IMPROVED! Added support to commons Arduino chip

IMPROVED! Usability

Version 0.1 revision 01 - 14 Feb - 2016

NEW! Added support to Arduino Mega 2560
  1. Prerequisites/Infrastructure

    Arduino IDE: [drives, binutils, toolchains, avrdude, serial monitor, etc...] ref. https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

    SlikSvn: command line SVN client ref. https://sliksvn.com/pub/Slik-Subversion-1.8.11-win32.msi [windows]

    Optional: Serial-Monitor-Deluxe [Pure FPC/Lazarus app!!] [windows] ref. http://www.idogendel.com/en/products/serial-monitor-deluxe

  2. Lamwino Install

    arduinonewprojectwizard.lpk lamwino_ide_tools.lpk [..../ide-tools]

  3. Lamwino Use

      1. Settings:

      Lazarus IDE menu "Tools" ---> "[Lamwino] Arduino Module Wizard" --> "Settings ..."

    3.2. Building FPC AVR/Arduino cross compiler

     Lazarus IDE menu "Tools" ---> "[Lamwino] Arduino Module Wizard" -->  "Get FPC Source"	
     	.[if you do not have it!]			
     Lazarus IDE menu "Tools" ---> "[Lamwino] Arduino Module Wizard" -->  "Build FPC Cross Arduino"	

    3.3 New Project

     .Lazarus IDE select "Project" -> "New Project" 
     .Arduino Avr Module [Lamwino]
     .Path to projects folder  
     .Project Name
     .Generad Code [to start]
     	[x]Blinking     //<---- * LamwinoDemo1, thanks to @ykot!
     .Lazarus IDE menu "Run" ---> "Build"
     .check for usb/pc/arduino connection
     .check for arduino COM port used ***
     .Lazarus IDE menu "Run" ---> "[Lamwino] Install/Run"
     .Congratulations!!!  \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
     ***How to Detect Arduino used COM Port
     1.Windows 10 
     	Start Menu
     	Connected Devices
     2. All Windows:
     	Controls Panel
     	Device Manager
     	Ports(COM & LPT)

    3.4 Using Demos [....\demos]

     .Go to project ".lpi" and [if needed] change: atmega328p [and avr5] 
     according to you arduino device [and compiler!]		
     	<Item0 Name="AVRCHIP" Value="atmega328p"/>
     	<CustomOptions Value="-Cpavr5 -Wpatmega328p -a"/>
     Note: atmega328p and avr5 are "Arduino Uno" compatibles!
  4. References:

    .FPC/Lazarus Arduino Tutorial ref. http://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php/topic,30960.msg201921.html#msg201921

    .Arduino UNO Pinout Diagram ref. http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=146315.0

    .I/O Port Operations in AVR ref. http://maxembedded.com/2011/06/port-operations-in-avr/

    .Cduino: Arduino Programming with C and Make ref. http://brittonkerin.com/cduino/lessons.html LamwinoDemo2 <<--- lesson3!

Thanks to All!

by jmpessoa [jmpessoa[AT]hotmail[DOT]com]











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