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Audio Engine MP3 Codec and Utilities

STMicroelectronics STM32 Audio Engine is a set of software libraries allowing customers to build audio applications with high-quality and professional results.

The popular MP3 format is part of the formats a professional application should support to ensure the best musical experience.

Therefore, the MP3 codec library is a must. It removes the need for an external MP3 codec component. Moreover, unlike many open-source solutions, it was written specifically for STM32, and is therefore highly optimized, leaving room for other application tasks to run concurrently with the audio encoding/decoding.

In addition, it comes with a set of impressive add-ons such as a channel mixer, a standalone 5-band parametric equalizer and loudness control to provide a complete plug-and-play solution for STM32 customers.

The MP3 codec library is not available for all STM32 family members.

Key Features

  • MPEG-1, 2 or 2.5 formats
  • Layers 1, 2 and 3
  • Constant bit rate and variable bit rate
  • Mono or stereo input streams
  • PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) output
  • Solution optimized for STM32
  • MP3 decoder with built-in equalizer
  • MP3 encoder
  • Audio utilities:
    • Channel mixer utility (for volume and mute control)
    • Standalone 5-band parametric equalizer utility
  • Loudness control utility
  • Object codes, accessed by the user application through an extensive API in C
  • Full documentation included, demo software available
  • Demo project available for IAR EWARM, Keil MDK-ARM and Raisonance RIDE


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications
DB1245DB1245: STM32 audio engine – MP3 codec library2.173 KB

STM32F4-Discovery as MP3 player - GitHub

2014. 9. 28. - STM32F4-Discovery as MP3 player. ... Just raw copy and edit from BenjaminProject(http://vedder.se/2012/12/stm32f4-discovery-usb-host-and ... This code implement MP3 playervia USB HOST using STM32-Discovery Board.

STM32F4 Discovery USB host and MP3 player | Benjamin's robotics

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2012. 12. 27. - STM32F4 Discovery USB host and MP3 player. Posted on ...... I modified the projectto work in the stm32 HAL libraries now. Secondly, has ...

STM32 MP3 Player with USB for fun | STMicroelectronics Community

5일 전 - About this project : STM32F103VET6 with VS chip, SDIO and USB interfacing for MP3 player Project infoType : my own PCB for ...

STM32F4 Discovery MP3 player working - with source code - ChibiOS ...

www.chibios.com › Board index › ChibiOS General › User Projects
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2012. 3. 15. - 댓글 9 - ‎작성자 8
All MP3 files in the cards root are then played in a loop in the order they are ... You can find the according eclipse project with all sources and a ...

STM32F4 Discovery MP3 Player - komplett mit Code - Mikrocontroller.net

2012. 3. 15. - 댓글 32 - ‎작성자 7
Leider. http://www.stm32circle.com/projects/project.php?id=82 Hier gibts ein .... Ziel sind erstmal zweiMP3 Player für die Kids in Holzkisten.

Ethernet MP3 player for STM32 | C Programming | Microcontroller

C Programming & Microcontroller Projects for $213. I ma looking for someone to develop a Ethernet based MP3 player for STM32 processor. The person ...

DF-Player mini (aka FN-M16P) extended library for STM32 - Arduino ...

www.stm32duino.com › ... › Working / ported libraries
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2015. 7. 6. - 댓글 9 - ‎작성자 4
Hello, as needed for my wooden-mp3-player project, I've completely rewritten the original library (now all commands are included!) You can get ...
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2015년 6월 22일
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2015년 5월 31일
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Embedded MP3 Player & Recorder | Open Electronics

2015. 1. 27. - Home > Open Source Projects > Embedded MP3 Player & Recorder ... the standard for various devices such as portable audio players, by ...

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