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Read our free STM32 development & debugging whitepaper!


Our free STM32 development and debugging whitepaper outlines professional tool support for STM32 development, with a particular focus on advanced STM32 debugging including ETM/ETB/MTB instruction tracing, SWV/SWO event- and data tracing, kernel aware RTOS debugging and hard fault crash analysis.

In this whitepaper you will learn how to

  • Develop high-quality software for STM32 devices
  • Get greater visibility into your running system without adding overhead
  • Find bugs faster with advanced ARM Cortex debug capabilities
  • View the state of RTOS objects at breakpoints
  • Improve your software quality
  • And much more!

Read about the benefits of professional tool support for STM32 development, with a particular focus on ARM Cortex-M and specific capabilities for advanced ARM Cortex-M debugging including:

  • Event- and data tracing
  • System profiling
  • Instruction trace: record your program's execution, instruction-by-instruction
  • RTOS-aware debugging
  • Hard fault crash analysis

The whitepaper also outlines techniques for improving software quality using source code reviews.






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